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Payment Guarantee

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- Payments are made Within 7 Days After Request Payment.
- Minimum payout amount is $5.
1 - 10 Mb $3 $1 $1 $0.5
11 - 100 Mb $5 $3 $2 $0.5
101 - 1000 Mb $10 $5 $3 $0.5

A) United Kingdom, United States America
B) Singapore, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy , Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland ,Brazil,Portugal,Turkey
C) Kuwait,Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary , Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, South Africa , Thailand,Egypt
D) All Others Countries.

Rules and Conditions:

1. Points are given for Complete downloads of any file.
2. Once you reach the minimum payout of $5 you can withdraw earned money.
3. Payments are made via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Payza, Neteller.
4. Payments will be issued within 7 Day after Payout request made.
5. No income will be generated for files smaller than 1 MB and/or in case that the uploader downloads own files.
6. 9xupload.Net reserves the right to modify the rewards program at any time.